Thursday, December 22, 2011

SEO Spyglass Review - The Most Effective SEO Software

If you are doing any seo or search engine marketing you will want to check out SEO Spyglass!

In this SEO Spyglass review I will give you the list of features that this software has. I will also tell you what I think about the the software and how it has helped me TONS! I will be adding a little tutorial video about how I use the software to get high PageRank backlinks for my websites, and how you can do the same quickly and easily! Adding this piece of software to your arsenal along with any other backlink strategies you have and you will defiantly start to see the improvements in ranking on the search engines!
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What kind of features can you expect to find in SEO Spyglass?

Before i list the features I just want you to know I have been using this software for a while and I only review products that I have tested. I find this product to be a must have in my link building strategies. That is why I am doing this SEO Spyglass review for you now so that you can also benefit from its awesomeness! Don't forget to watch the little tutorial video that I have below!

Here is the list of the important features:

  •     Tells you If the links are Do-Follow or No-Follow!
  •     It shows Anchor text!
  •     Page Rank of the page you will link from!
  •     How many Out Bound Links (Less is better!)
  •     Domain IP.
  •     Link Value.
  •     Alexa Traffic Ranking! (Find some nice traffic sources!)
  •     If the page is in the DMOZ and Yahoo! Directory's.
  •     Domain age!

The features that I rely on the most on SEO Spyglass is Do-Follow, Page Rank, # of Outbound Links and Alexa Traffic Ranking! With all these being good, well you know its a great link that will help you get traffic and move you up in the SERPs!

How to use SEO Spyglass to find high page rank backlinks!

Where do you get SEO Spyglass?

Well I hope you enjoyed my review on SEO Spyglass, it is simply a must have software if you are serious about ranking in the search engines erm!(Google!)

If you want to buy SEO Spyglass now Click Here!

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